28 aprile 2015

The Olly Murs factor: ‘If critics don’t like me that’s fine’

X Factor runner up Olly Murs seemed bound for Butlins. Now he’s a million-selling pop star. Julia Llewellyn Smith speaks to the unlikely entertainer. Your eye […]
28 aprile 2015

The new midlife crisis

As Spotify declare that 42 is the age people start listening to chart music again, we examine the new rules of having a midlife crisis. How […]
27 aprile 2015

Giant lush animals! Hypnosis! It’s the weekend’s big TV stuff

Madge’s fall at the Brits, a full and frank interview with Jonathan Ross in which the great lady addresses the unfortunate incident head-on. Your eye color […]
23 marzo 2015

MILES COOPER SEATON & C+C=Maxigross importati al Music Backdrop #7

Un mix tra folk, fughe psichedeliche e distese minimal del deserto occidentale americano, un viaggio guidato dai riverberi di Miles Cooper Seaton, voce e basso degli […]